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The bittersweet time to implement a Cancellation Policy has finally come! Due to growing clientele and ‘demand-by-season’, we need to ask everyone to give a 48- hour notice of a cancellation or to reschedule, as long as we have your current email/phone number, our scheduling system will send you a 48-hour ‘prior-to-appointment’ reminder in which you can confirm or cancel/reschedule at no cost! Like a free 2-day reminder 🙂

*However, under extenuating circumstances ONLY, you may cancel/reschedule BY 8 AM the same day of the appointment at no charge as well… Life is crazy, crazy stuff happens.

Cancellation or reschedule after 48 hours, and “No-Shows”, will result in a fee of $15.

Payment Methods

We accept cash and credit cards only. Checks are not accepted.