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Sugaring is hair removal.
Ask about our total skincare approach. Before and after treatment.

Sugaring is organic.
Sugar, lemon and water. You could *eat it! *Avoid with wax and lasers.

Sugaring exfoliates.
Sugaring *exfoliates skin naturally. *Waxing and lasers can’t offer this.

Sugaring is easy.
Frequent visits remove immature hairs that wax and lasering can’t.

Four Steps To Be Hair Free

1. Book an appointment.
You can book with us via phone call, text or the mindbody app.

2. Prepare Your Skin
Avoid exfoliating the area being sugared, two days before/after your appointment. Hydrating skin regularly softens hair follicles, enabling easier hair removal.

3. Arrive Early
Arrive for your appointment 5 mins early, with clean dry skin — no lotions or oils.
To reschedule — read more about our late cancellation & no show policies on our terms and conditions page.

4. Reschedule
Reschedule your service for 3-5 weeks. This refines your hair for easier removal. Rescheduling your next visit at check out is key to consistently having an appointment when needed.